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From lavish hotels to enchanting castles and charming villas, Hungary offers an abundance of accommodations that keep getting better and better. Whether you’re exploring Budapest, relaxing by Lake Balaton, rejuvenating in Hévíz, or discovering other magical destinations, we’ve got you covered! Feel at home away from home with our assistance in finding the perfect accommodation for your stay.


Budapest city tour, private yacht trip on the Danube, cooking school for Hungarian flavors, individual museum guided tour, helicopter tour, hunting, hot air balloon flight, Danube Bend excursion, walking tour along the Blue Trail route, horseback riding, golf, castle visit, romantic nostalgic locomotive ride. The list is almost endless…. Discover Hungary!


Experience the Ultimate Getaway in Hungary!

From hunting and golfing to weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, and corporate surprises, make every occasion unforgettable with us. Rent out entire hotels, castles, sailboats, steam locomotives, or golf courses and immerse yourself in the magic of Hungary. Whether you’re sailing on Lake Balaton or mastering Hungarian flavours in a cooking school, your dream experience awaits! Hungary – where dreams become reality.

Welcome Home, Isten Hozott!

They say Hungarians scatter across the globe like seeds of a diaspora. True, but has every Hungarian returned to their roots? Are you yearning for the embrace of your homeland, seeking relatives, or longing for Hungary’s healing touch? Dreaming of your children or grandchildren studying in Hungary with the Hungarian Diaspora University Scholarship? Whether you’re planning to move back for good, buying a second home for leisure, starting a business, or reclaiming Hungarian citizenship, we’re here for you. Let us know, and we’ll support your journey back home every step of the way.


Experience the perfect blend of attention, empathy, and expertise with our concierge service. With a touch of elegance and a refined personality, our team brings knowledge, experience, and diplomatic sense to every interaction. Behind our service is a personal connection – someone who’s always there for you when needed. Let us pamper you in the comfort of your home in Hungary!

Arrive in Style with Our Limousine Transfer Service!

When you’re in Hungary, focus on your plans while we take care of the driving. Whether it’s a family reunion, a special event, or a business meeting, trust us to get you there elegantly and punctually. We’re your private chauffeur throughout your visit, ensuring you travel in comfort and luxury. And if you crave complete freedom, take the wheel of our top-of-the-line, safest cars at your own convenience. Your journey in Hungary, made effortless.


“Medicus curat, natura sanat” – Where the physician treats, nature heals. Immerse yourself in Hungary’s unique medicinal waters and therapeutic mud. Explore our hills and caves ideal for climatic therapy, and experience the miraculous healing powers of certain gases. Our natural treasures offer unparalleled rejuvenation for both body and soul. Let Hungary be your sanctuary for healing.


Meet Our Team of Hungarian-Born Travel Professionals

Ms. Ildikó Baja (Baja Ildikó) began her journey in France, working for the renowned LOV Group’s hotel Les Airelles, followed by an illustrious tenure at LVMH’s Cheval Blanc Courchevel over the past 20 years.

Mr. Zsolt Vígh (Vígh Zsolt), also known as Zack, embarked on his adventures in the United States before making his mark in Melbourne, Australia, where he established the esteemed KORONA CSÁRDA, a hub and restaurant revered for its excellence over the past two decades. Zack’s experience spans ocean and river cruise lines, casinos, and prestigious hotels such as the Corvinus Hotel Kempinski in Budapest.

Mr. Mihály Molnár (Molnár Mihály) pursued his education in the United States, completing his Manager in Training program at the Boston Marriott Copley Hotel. He then returned to Budapest, where he contributed to the Corvinus Hotel Kempinski and Budapest Marriott Hotels, as well as serving esteemed national air carriers Air Canada and MALÉV. For the last 20 years, he has dedicated himself to his family’s travel agency and concierge business.

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