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Oldal kiválasztása

Journey back in time. Travel in the most beautiful museal carriages on the steam-hauled nostalgia train to the picturesque Danube Bend. The nostalgia train is headed by steam locomotive 424. An excellent program for all ages.

Journey starts at Budapest-Nyugati railway station in the morning. It’s worth arriving at the train station a little earlier so you have time to check out the sighing, chuging, truly dignified steam locomotive before we leave. The conductor will check your travel tickets after departure. Upon request, our colleagues will provide our passengers with a map and good advice on how to get off the train at a location suitable for an individual or prepaid and organised optional program. During the journey, the nostalgia buffet car is open to our guests to purchause drinks and snacks.

For information about the available car classes, on-board services, prices and timetable please contact us on +36203191921 or mail us info@e-travelclub.com.